Shave Oil

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Enhance your leafy shave  •  50 ml / 1.7 fl oz



“It feels great on the skin, gives a really nice glow, and I appreciate that there is no fragrance!”

Razor is coming. And like the Night’s Watch this oil stands guard protecting your skin. This beautiful unscented blend softens hair and locks in moisture, while providing extra glide for your shave.

✓ Locks moisture in hair to reduce friction
✓ Hydrates without feeling oily
✓ Reduces visible signs of irritation
✓ Refills available without dropper to reduce waste

We’re designing the future of shaving, and that future is plastic-free, recyclable and refillable.

HOW TO USE For enhanced glide during shaving apply a dropper to wet skin and hair and rub in before applying shave soap. After your shave, apply a dropper and rub into your skin for lasting hydration.
MATERIALS Glass bottle. Dropper is wood, glass and rubber. Refill cap is aluminum.
END OF LIFE Clean and recycle or re-purpose the glass bottle when done, save the dropper for the refill bottle and recycle aluminum cap.
What's Included
• Shave Oil bottle (50mL / 1.7 fl oz)
• Choose the Dropper for your first purchase, and the Cap version for refills

• 🌍 Plastic-Free Shipping Packaging
• 🌍 Carbon Neutral (we offset our footprint 100%)

Who should use Shave Oil
Our Shave Oil is suitable for any part of your body, especially areas with extra sensitivity. In fact, users report visible reduction in irritation and ingrown hairs when grooming bikini lines.

Please note: because oil is hydrophobic, you may find more hair sticking around in the razor after your shave, please rinse thoroughly after use.
SUNFLOWER OIL (Fortifies skin and hydrates)
GRAPESEED OIL (Encourages skin to retain moisture)
JOJOBA OIL (Moisturizes and soothes skin)
SWEET ALMOND OIL (Delivers vitamin A, E, zinc and omega fatty acids)
ROSEHIP OIL (Reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and calms skin)
VITAMIN E (Antioxidant, fights inflammation, and moisturizes)

Kits and Accessories

Pairs well with: 3 Available

Shave Soap Bar


A photo of the shave soap bar sitting upright in front of the shave soap box with a plain white background. The front of the shave soap box reads “Unscented Shave Soap” along with the Leaf Logo.

The Leaf Razor


The Leaf Razor

50-Blade Pack


A photo of a box of 50 Single Edge Blades with Leaf Shave Branding. The box sits on a white bathtub with a few loose razor blades sitting in front of the box.

Use before, during, or after shaving,  to enhance shave experience and reduce visible signs of irritation.

  • Locks in moisture

    Keeps hair & skin hydrated while shaving

  • Balanced formulation

    For normal, dry, oily and combination skin

  • Your razor will glide

    Feel pleased with how smooth your shave can be

Leaf Shave Oil

Have you ever used a shave oil before?

This unscented well-balanced formula is the best way to enhance your shaving experience. Use during and after your shave for the best results.

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