The Leaf Grip Sleeve

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This silicone sleeve fits The Leaf razor, providing additional grip. It is custom molded out of silicone to fit the handle perfectly. You can slide it on, and remove it whenever you like. Scroll-down for application instructions.



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What's Included
• The Leaf Grip Sleeve (fits The Leaf razor) (1x)

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• 🌍 Carbon Neutral (we offset our footprint 100%)

How to Install
Your Leaf Razor Grip Sleeve slides onto the handle from the bottom. You'll notice that it is perfectly molded to the shape of the handle. First, wet the handle of your razor and apply a small amount of soap, this will allow the sleeve to easily slip on. Hold the sleeve in your other hand firmly (or wrap a towel around it) and carefully slide it onto The Leaf Razor handle. The 'small opening' goes on first. Pull it up until the top falls right below the knuckle of your razor. Then, thoroughly rinse off the handle, get the soap off the handle working around and underneath the grip sleeve until it stays put.

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How to install your Leaf Razor Grip Sleeve

Everyone needs a little helping hand now and then :)

Install your grip: Step 1

Install your grip: Step 2

Install your grip: Step 3

Dry your razor and enjoy!

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