5 Reasons a Razor Makes a Perfect Valentines Day Gift

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Valentines Day is coming up very soon and if you're last-minute shopping for gift ideas, you've come to the right place. Leaf Shave makes shaving razors for any gender, any body, shaving anywhere head to toe. Here are 5 reasons why a Leaf Shave razor will make a perfect V-Day Gift.

1. Self-Care is an Experience

Using a plastic-razor is a chore. Using a beautifully-designed Leaf Razor is an experience. It's an experience whether your partner is going to draw a long, luxurious bath and finish off with a silky smooth shave right before sliding into the sheets that night; or they're going to start their weekend morning in front of the mirror with a buttery lather, their favorite podcast on, and take their time for a damn smooth shave. 

2. The Shave is Incredible

The skin we're in is with us every moment of every day. Yeah, you could get them some object that will be in and out of their lives before next Valentines Day comes around — but wouldn't it be more satisfying for them to be absolutely stunned by their shave? For the rest of their life? 

3. They Keep Stealing Yours

This is kind of a gift for you as much as them. You're probably tired of them always stealing your Leaf Razor with all it's unique multi-blade pivoting head goodness. Or maybe they're slipping off with that Twig Razor, the precision single-blade hero on your countertop. I think it might be time to get them their own.

4. We have all-new Super Bundles

The price or scope of a gift isn't what matters, it's the thought. That being said, a very complete gift is a very thoughtful one. And with Leaf Shave's all-new Super Bundles, you can get your partner, friend or loved-one all set up with The Leaf razor, or The Twig razor with literally everything they'd ever want.

5. We can Tread a Little Lighter

Your partner cares for the places they're in, and they do actively seek opportunities to reduce their plastic-consumption, or their environmental footprint. Well, giving a gift from Leaf Shave means you can feel confident that as a small business, we're taking every opportunity to make sure we tread lightly. We are Certified Climate Neutral®, plastic-free, and actively working towards eliminating waste in personal care routines.

They're going to love their new Leaf Shave razor. You're so incredibly thoughtful, and I'm so incredibly thankful that you're including us in your gifting this year.

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